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Tabatha Lendquvist-Grace


Tabatha Lendquvist-Grace is an Interdisciplinary Artist living and working in Walker County, Alabama. Her body of work includes a variety of mediums to include painting, drawing, bookmaking, mixed-media and poetics. She combines her love of mark-making and color with the intrigues of nature, literature, music, and the feminine. Her teaching experience is varied and rich. Her students include children, adults, and individuals with special needs. She’s had the pleasure of teaching at both public and private institutions, as well as, public studio workshops; to include, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, the University of North Alabama and the University of South Alabama. 

What is of particular interest is her commitment to experimentation and a deepened exploration of the intricacies and powers of image and word. There exists a poetic thread tying all her work together into a most defining expression. What calls her to Art is the need to work with her hands, however, what drives her to continue working is the responsibility to initiate creative conversation and the desire to make, fashion, craft herself into being.

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