In cooperation with the Walker County Board of Education the Walker County Arts Alliance provides arts programs in the county schools.

  • Becki Stallsmith teaches a monthly 2nd-grade music program that includes singing and learning music beats.

  • Ruth Manasco and Maria Daws teach fourth-grade students Native American history and show students how to create pottery.

  • Martha Salomaa visits the schools monthly and shares her animated and engaging stories of Alabama history. She incorporates lessons in creative writing and how to tell a good story.

  • We have begun a Visual Arts program taught by Tabatha Lendquvist-Grace for all county 3rd-grade classes with plans to expand to the 6th grade in the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Jennifer Smith teaches Dream Fit a high-energy dance and fitness program for special needs students at Valley, Curry, and Oakman - twice a month. 


We have a partnership with the Walker Area Community Foundation and the

Athletics Arts Center to bring theater and dance productions like the Nutcracker

and Honk, Jr. to the schools.