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Kathryn Price

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Painting with a Purpose and Painting with Friends

One of my strongest assets is problem-solving skills, and that is how I fell in love with painting.  I found a lot of pleasure learning to see big shapes, values, color, light, shadows, edges, lines, and composition.  To me, art is simply a geometry problem:  you are given a canvas and an idea, then you go through the steps to prove your creation connects with someone. 

As I have learned and grown as a painter, I have sought to challenge myself with new endeavors.  Painting is learning how to see and then achieving what your eye can discern. The struggle for all artists is that your eye progresses faster than your abilities. During COVID-19 like many people, I set goals for me to survive the “new normal.”  One of the goals I set was to improve my skills.  I read, watched videos, and painted with a purposeful intent to sharpen my process to make my artwork grow to a new level. 

I am an equestrian, gardener, and flower arranger, and I have always been told to paint what you know.  I love to paint figures such as horses in motion and I love to paint still life set-ups from flowers from the garden.   Depicting motion requires the artist to work with edges of the subject to make the viewer think the figure is in motion.  While still life paintings are juxtaposed to figures in motion, it is the quietness of a still life that attracts me to painting flowers and landscapes.  I like to paint from chaos to quietness, and it may be a metaphor not only for a journey in art but also for a journey in life. 

Awards and Shows:

  • 2021 – Juried Selection – Pink Palace Crafts Fair – Memphis, Tennessee

  • 2021 – Juried Selection – Rooted in History – Harrison Brothers

  • 2021 – Juried Selection – Embracing the Arts – Carnegie Visual Arts Center

  • 2021 – Featured Artist – Huntsville Museum of Art | Women’s Guild Derby Fundraiser

  • 2020 – Juried Selection – Monte Sano Art Show

  • 2020 – Juried Selection – Montgomery Bell Academy Art Show

  • 2019 – Featured Artist – Mooresville, Alabama – Bicentennial Celebration

  • 2018 – Featured Artist – Huntsville, Alabama Symphony – Painted Violin Society

  • 2016 – Featured Artist – Huntsville, Alabama Hospital - Liz Hurley Ribbon Run

  • 2016 – Featured Artist – Huntsville, Alabama - The Little Green Store Gallery

  • 2014 – Juried Selection – Embracing the Arts – Carnegie Visual Arts Center

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